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Yesterday was day 1 of my new online fitness challenge, and trust me I wish it was day 21 already. Don’t get me wrong I love working out! I do… I actually look forward to it. Its just that I’m tired of being on the weight lost roller coaster. Holla’ if you hear me!

But one thing I’ll always love about working out is shopping for fly workout gear. That includes bras! Hello I am the Philly Bra Lady! I love all things bras, even sports bras! And when it comes to keeping your boobie bounce to a minimum I’m your girl. Here’s why your sports bra is actually THE most important bra in your undie drawer!

A huge number of women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercise,” says Susan Nethero, founder of the bra emporium Intimacy.

  • Did you know that not wearing the proper fitting bra while working out can lead to breast injury?
  • Back pain and muscle inflammation
  • It can also lead to stretch marks and sagging

And before you think that your B-cups have blessed you with the ability to skip the bra, think again. Even the smallest sizes can experience permanent damage to connective tissue over time if you neglect to give them the right support.


Believe it or not wearing a sports bra is actually a common occurrence, especially in smaller-chested women who don’t think they need the flattening or sometimes uncomfortable support that sports bras provide. Many other women think a built-in shelf bra is enough for any workout but it is simply not enough support. The truth is that the right support is essential during a workout, especially a high-impact one which includes cardio activities.

And whats the best way too avoid breast tissue injury…

  • Get fitted, make sure your in the right size bra
  • Pick sports bras with actual bra cups that run in bra sizes
  • Stop wearing 2 sports bras at one time, Invest 1 quality sports bra
  • Make sure your bra is the right size and has the right amount of support

Here are my picks for best Sports Bra


Philly Bra Lady Sports Bras


Philly Bra Lady Sports Bras by karimarenee featuring a padded sports bra

New Year, New Bra 2016

NYNB 3(15)

I’m so excited to announce New Year, New Bra, The Event! I’ve waited 3 years to host the ultimate bra fitting and now it’s here! What started as a campaign to get women to add bra fittings to their list of New Years resolutions has become a movement for women to make their breast and bras a priority! No matter your cup size I believe if you change your bra you change your life! It not lifts your bustling but, also your confidence!




Monday November 9th I had the pleasure of working with local webseries and Tv show My New PhillyThey invited me to do a segment showing the right way vs the wrong way a bra should fit. As the Philly Bra Lady, how could I say no! Helping women feel comfortable and confident in their bras is my mission. Watch the video, then check your bras, lol. Short on time? Fast forward to the 3minute mark to see my bra talk! 

Thanks for watching. 

PRESS: My Interview w/ Bring The Noise Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.23.53 PM

Today I was featured in an interview with the amazing women of Bring The Noise podcast. When the founders Naomi and Annette invited me to be interviewed I was both excited and honored. They said they admired my hustle and that they considered me to be a noisemaker. During our chat we spoke about everything from my business failure to how I juggle all 5 of my hustles. 

Click the link below to listen to the full interview and become a Super Duper Hustler!

Special thanks to Naomi and Annette. 

Become a Bra Fit Client Today!

15 Years ago I was the girl that wore 2 bras everyday! Yes, you read right, 2! When I tell my clients that, their jaws drop much like many of yours may have while reading that. But, I was ignorant about bras and I thought that was the only way for me to get the lift I desired. I also didn’t know that bras went pass 38DDD.

So image my surprise 10 years ago when I was measured at a size 36 G! Though a traumatic day for me, it LITERALLY changed my life! Thats what I can do for you, just like I do for all my clients!

Remember my brand philosophy is that
Thru information and education I help women create a harmonious relationship with what they want they’re personal style to be, and who they want to become professionally and personally.”

I truly believe that education is empowering! Check out this video of testimonials and become a client today! It will change your life, help you look 10lbs slimmer and be more confident! Lets get you fit! 

discover your perfect from peach on Vimeo.


Can you believe the first day of Fall is in just a few days! Where did the summer go I ask myself. An though there is a part of me that hates to see the Summer go, I LOVE FALL.  I love the touch of crispness in the air, the amazing running weather, and most of all I LOVE THE FASHION.  In fact I’ve already started to change my beauty routine from nudes to berry lips and I’ve started a bit of shopping too. 

Heres the fashion breakdown for the first week of FALL! I’m calling this one the September Edit! All the things to buy and wear now! 

The September Edit
The September Edit by karimarenee featuring a white skirt
1. THE BRA: I wouldn’t be the Philly Bra Lady if I didn’t tell you to get a new bra! Too many of us ladies don’t make purchasing a new bra a priority! New Season, New Bra!
2. THE BAG: Drawstring bags are hot for Fall! So if you like to be on trend try this investment piece from Henri Bendel. Plus this one comes in the new “Dried Herb” Color for 2015!
3. TWEED: Did you know that tweed is back with a vengeance? This skirt is the perfect feminine update to such a classic fabric. Rock it with moto boots, pumps or booties. 
4. SOMETHING GREY: Trust me when I tell you that grey is the next hot neutral. Be the first or at least be a trend leader. THIS IS THE THING TO TRY. 
5. THE BOOTIE:  Who doesn’t love booties in the fall. Its like the perfect pump and boot had a child. Sleek, comfortable and work approved! We got ourselves a winner.
6. THE FRINGE: It’s everywhere! Last year it was leather, this year its suede and fringe! So why not get 2 for 1! 2 Trends in one great boot. 
7. THE BLAZER: If you don’t have one or you need to update or donate your old one this is a good place to start. Modern, yet classic. 

Karima Covers Macys w/ NYC Fashion Week’s Fern Mallis

Fern Mallis| Picture c/o
Fern Mallis| Picture c/o

“I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.“

On Thursday September 3rd Macys along with the creators of Philly Fashion Week, honored New York Legend and fashion’s fairy god mother Fern Mallis. Known as the creator of New York Fashion Week, Mallis received the Fashion Icon Award.

With a career and resume that spans over the past 20 years, dotted with names like Tom Ford, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar De La Renta, she is most notably one of the most powerful women in fashion.

Fashion Lives, Fashion Icons By Fern Mallis | Picture C/o Of
Fashion Lives, Fashion Icons By Fern Mallis | Picture C/o Of

Her new book Fashion Lives,  is a massive collection of amazing interviews, stories, secrets and (never seen before) photographs of fashion’s royalty. Names include Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Micheal Kors, and Andre Leon Tally to name a few. If your not gushing you should be. Its everything you don’t see and hear about their careers and their personal lives…

I asked for their teenage under the bed shoe box, says Mallis. Its juicy, honest and ballsy.

Its better than TMZ, E!, and Access Hollywood. As we said in the 90’s its all that in a bag of chips.

With a purchase of $30 or more attendees received a copy of this new classic (available on amazon here) and a photo with Mallis herself.

Check out my photo with Fern Mallis and other photos from the night!


H&M Launches Pre Fall Collection w/ Foxes

Who is Foxes… Foxes is an English singer and songwriter.

I love Summer but as you all know Fall is my all time favorite season. Not only because its my birthday season but because of the fashion. Recently, The Karma Agency, who represents Simon Malls reached out to me about working with H&M on the launch of their new pre fall collection, Foxes. H&M, new fall clothes to me it was  win win. When i went in-store to see the collection I was delighted by that I saw. The foxes line as H&M describes it as ” Foxes represents everything our Divided collection stands for: fun, quirky, and fashion! This is the perfect trend for the girl who loves a sporty and sexy look! The trend is called “Varsity” and it features many cool sport inspired pieces with stripes, bold graphics and team numbers.

Foxes collection is Nicole Richie meets Drake! ~Karima Renee

All in all the line is great, it literally has something for everybody. Its boho, its sporty, its sexy, its tough. Check out the look I chose from the collection below.  It was inspired by Lala Vasquez Anthony, she’s my #wce #mogulcrush




Today I was featured on and I’m excited to share the article with you. 

The title of the article. ‘Athleisure’ isn’t just about comfort, it’s about confidence. What’s really behind the ‘activewear everywhere’ trend. Interestingly, enough I actually did an outfit post on this trend back when first started about 2 years ago. Back then it was called Sporty Luxe. Today we gone from silk track pants with pumps to linen-lyrca blend yoga pants. Talk about day to night.

Check out my original article here and read my interview here

Picture C/O
Picture C/O
You Can Quote Me On That!
You Can Quote Me On That!

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